The Hobart Book Village Festival of Women Writers  http://www.hobartfestivalofwomenwriters.com is a highly anticipated annual event, unique among cultural happenings in the Catskill Region. On September 9, 10 & 11, 2016, The Festival will celebrate its fourth year in Delaware County’s Hobart Book Village, “the reading capital of New York State.”  Since its inception, the Festival has created space for established and emerging women writers to share their insights and skills through a variety of writing activities and public readings with audiences throughout Delaware County, the state of New York, and beyond.

In the past three years, the Festival brought more than fifty published writers, who presented workshops and author readings.  The Festival has attracted an estimated three hundred attendees to Hobart, a town of 400 residents.  We want to continue to make our weekend a destination and an opportunity for women writers to connect, exchange, renew, and to promote and sell their books. One of our foremost aims is to spread the word of the Festival of Women Writers and the Hobart Book Village.

The town of Hobart and its six independent bookstores ( for more info on the bookstores: http://www.hobartbookvillage.com ) will again host a diversity of working women writers, and Main Street will be busy with workshops, readings, and other writing activities from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon at its third annual Festival.  Novelists, short-story and young-adult fiction writers, memoirists, poets, and bloggers will join us again this year. All writers and lovers of books and women’s writing are welcome to participate in and enjoy the Festival of Women Writers.



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