Spotlight: Kamilah Aisha Moon

Hobart Book Village Festival of Women Writers 2016 welcomes

Kamilah Aisha Moon

Aisha_Author_OfficialKamilah Aisha Moon has published her poetry extensively and is the recipient of fellowships to the Cave Canem Foundation, the Prague Summer Writing Institute, the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA, and the Vermont Studio Center. Moon’s work has been featured in numerous journals and anthologies, including Harvard Review, jubilat, Poem-A-Day for the Academy of American Poets, Oxford American, Lumina, Callaloo, Essence, Gathering Ground. A Pushcart Prize winner. Kamilah Aisha Moon’s debut poetry collection, She Has a Name, was a finalist for both the 26th Annual Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Poetry and the Audre Lorde Award for Lesbian Poetry from the Publishing Triangle in 2014.The opening pages of She Has a Name identify the collection as a “biomythography,” a term created by Audre Lorde to describe a narrative based on myth and history, fact and fiction.She Has a Name tells the story of a young woman with autism from multiple points of view. The speakers in these poems—sisters, mother, father, teacher—pursue answers to questions science can’t yet answer.SheHas A Name

“When a loving sister makes up her mind to tell the unmitigated truth about her younger sister, her special sister, her wondrous and gifted sister, and she tells that truth in the most beautiful poetic language she can find, what is born is an unforgettable story called She Has a Name.”

–Nikky Finney

“Her poetry is most poignant, immediate, and effective when it is rooted in the minutiae of life, cataloging small injustices and momentary pleasures. She resides firmly here throughout the book, not only giving name and voice to the daughter-subject of She Has a Name, but also offering a way of considering joy alongside conflict, pain, and struggle.” — Melissa Leigh Gore in The Rumpus, read the entire review: The Rumpus

Link here to view Book trailers for She Has A Name, stunningly produced by Rachel Eliza Griffiths: Book Trailers   and listen to Kamilah Aisha Moon read from SHE HAS A NAME

Kamilah Aisha Moon1

For Festival of Women Writers 2016, Kamilah Aisha Moon will present the workshop,

 Shaking Up Language

Poets often find themselves in a groove that becomes a rut at times, inadvertently leading to less innovation in style and language/syntax choices.Through a series of exercises and parsing a few sample poems, participants will be encouraged to move beyond their usual modes and approaches in the creation of poems —- arriving at meaning in fresh, original ways. For more information and to register for Festival of Women Writers, go to

Festival of Women Writers 2016

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