Spotlight on Intensive Workshops

The Hobart Book Village Festival of Women Writers once again offers an opportunity for the serious individual to work with a seasoned, experienced, published writer.



Our  Intensive Workshops offer an opportunity for committed writers to explore, to be challenged and to grow while working directly with an award winning, published writer. Immerse yourself in the inspiration of Hobart’s mountain vistas and focus on your writing craft for a one-day, six-hour workshop in a small group setting. This year the Writing Intensives are SIX hour sessions, all of which will be held on Friday, September 9th ONLY.  Intensives are limited to 8-10 Participants, so that each individual receives attention. The Intensive Registration deadline is 9/1/16. Intensives are for Participants in the process of developing manuscripts. You will share work and receive feedback on your writing. The Festival will provide space dedicated solely to each Intensive in order to maximize this special opportunity. 

Take the next step. Browse these four workshops and make a decision that could change you and your work.

AUTHOR BREAKTHROUGH:  Turn Your Content Into Cash presented by Dara Lurie


In this Intensive, Participants will explore the deep sources of vulnerability, resilience and inspiration that have shaped their lives, writing about key moments and turning point experiences.  By the end of this Intensive, participants will have a well-crafted turning point story and artfully constructed business narrative. Each will take a deep, adventurous dive into the places where stories live using photographs, poetry and other creative mapping tools to discover, develop and shape a personal narrative from key moments and life experiences.  Participants will then craft their “turning point” stories integrating your “key moments and experience.” Participants will devote themselves to re-purposing “turning point” stories into powerful business narratives. The workshop focus will flip from inward to outward as Participants learn to re-purpose their “turning point” stories into well-crafted marketing content. We will cover important marketing terms & concepts which Participants will integrate using worksheets and group activities to accelerate the learning process. For more information about Dara and her work: about Dara Lurie

elisabeth nonas

Elisabeth Nonas presents – Thinking Cinematically: A Screenwriting Intensive   Learning to think cinematically can be a useful tool for writers of prose and poetry as well as screenwriters. Through in-class writing and discussion, participants will be introduced to the basics of screenplay formatting and structure, from treatment to step outline. They will leave our six hour intensive having written their own properly formatted scenes or sequence of scenes. Screenplay excerpts and corresponding film clips will illustrate the particular challenges facing the screenwriter, not just the need to write economically, but also to create visual equivalents for moods and the relationships between characters.

For more information, go to about Elizabeth Nonas


Esther Cohen

Esther Cohen presents Good Stories: The Deep Red Heart of Life 

This Intensive is for story lovers and story makers who want to make their own stories better. How the world began, all that you know and don’t know, whatever you feel and see and hear. We will look at every part of our lives as rich material for stories, good stories. This Intensive will be experiential: you will tell stories, hear them, read them, and write them, using a wide range of sources, from Naguib Mahfouz to “The Moth Radio Hour.” Participants will look at examples from poetry and prose, from fiction and non-fiction, and from oral traditions, old and new. Your goal will be to create and tell your own story, in the form that matches your own intrinsic voice.  For more information, go to: about Esther Cohen

 Bertha Rogers

Bertha Rogers  presents  “POETRY WRITING INTENSIVE, an advanced practicum, a six-hour opportunity to read, write, revise, edit, and learn how to submit poems. This intensive is for the poet who is not only serious about writing, but serious about getting her poems into the world. Students will bring two poems, one short (no more than 8 lines), one long (9-20 lines) for the workshop. If the participant has a group of poems (no more than 10) that are in the process of being assembled as a short manuscript, students should bring them; the last hour of the intensive will be dedicated to that process. During the workshop, students will study poetic terms (line, stanza, enjambment, etc.) and figurative language (metaphor, simile, alliteration, etc.). They will read works by great poets, both contemporary and classical; and they will write two or more poems in form from examples provided by the instructor (among the forms: Afghani Landay, French Rondeau, Italian Sestina, Japanese Haibun, Korean Sijo, Blank Verse Sonnet, and others).  Participants will discuss how and why poems work and revise and edit their work. They will be given guidance and handouts on how to select and submit poetry to literary journals and how to organize chapbooks and longer manuscripts. There will be substantial discussion on why submission of individual poems before submitting manuscripts is an important step in the process of becoming published poets.

For more information, go to: about Bertha Rogers

Discover the magic of the Catskills. Discover your own magic. Register for an Intensive.

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