Four O’Clock Flowers speaks with Elizabeth Searle

Hobart Book Village Festival of Women Writers 2016 welcomes,

Elizabeth Searle!

Elizabeth Searle and Breena Clarke


Four O’Clock Flowers speaks to Elizabeth Searle

Please listen to Hobart Book Village Festival’s new podcast Four O’Clock Flowers

Four O’Clock Flowers. Host, Breena Clarke, will speak with some of the participating writers for Festival of Women Writers 2016. For this episode of our podcast, Breena is speaking to Elizabeth Searle, novelist, screenwriter, playwright, and teacher.

Elizabeth’s film script based on her novel A Four-Sided Bed was produced as a Staged Reading in Hollywood, starring TV/Film actors Evan Ross (The Hunger Games), Lucy Griffiths (True Blood, Preacher), Gia Mantegna (Under the Dome) and Kenny Leu (NCIS; Independence Day: Resurgence), performed at Zephyr Theater in LA on May 19th. The performance was produced by Amy Carpenter Scott/Creatrix Films as part of the ongoing project to develop A Four-Sided Bed as a feature film. Elizabeth is also working on a theater version of the ‘menage a trois love story’ script.  Stay tuned!

E. Searle & Co
Elizabeth with stars Kenny Leu and Lucy Griffiths in Hollywood at Zephyr Theater

For information about Elizabeth and her work: Elizabeth Searle

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